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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Re-basing the Gauls

Regular blog viewers will have noticed the paucity of painted troops of late. If you did not know I am soon off on a round-the-world holiday with Victoria so have not wanted to start any new projects. However, I have not been completely idle on the painting front.

After a chat with James and Martin we have decided to embark on some Punic Wars action using the Hail Caesar rules.

Martin has already started on some rather splendid Romans using the Agema plastics. James will be rebasing his Spanish and I will be re-basing my Gauls and Carthaginians.
 I did think it would be rather a faff, but luckily when I originally did these I had clipped the plastic Warlord Games figures from their bases so in most cases it was a matter of just popping them off the base.

Given how old these plastics are - I started painting these back in June 2008 - and how many battles they have fought in I was expecting a lot of damage, there were a few broken spears and swords but I managed to repair most of them and only a single figure was broken off at the ankles when I removed them from the existing bases.

Anyhow, on to the pictures.

I have done four Generals to lead the divisions, these are mainly made up of Gripping Beast characters with a few Warlord Games models.

There are two units of Warlord Games Gallic Cavalry

A unit of Warlord Games female Gallic Warriors

I have done nine more units of the Warlord Games plastic Gauls on 120mm frontages

And then nine bases of these on 40mm frontages, I can use three as a standard sized warband.

Or put them with one of the existing standard units to make a large unit

 There are also six bases of skirmishers, three each of slingers and javelinmen

Here is the whole warband.

I still have my chariots and a few more oddments to do.

A few more images for your enjoyment.

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