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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Type 97 Chi-Ha

You may have to bear with this post as it is that first time I have attempted a post using the tablet.

A week or so agi I picked up a second hand, but unpainted Type 97 Chi-Ha tank from Warlord Games.

After assembly and cleaning up I first primered with Halfords grey primer then a coat of Army Painter Leather Brown.

I then painted the camo on using Chocolate Brown, Bronze Green and German Camo Beige. The stripe was painted in Golden Brown. The tracks and machine-guns were done in black and the exhausts in rust, a mix of Saddle Brown and Gunmetal Grey.

After being allowed to dry the whole model was washed with Sepia Wash.

Once the wash had dried I then reapplied the base colours, the Chocolate Brown was highlighted by adding sucessive amounts of Beige Brown, the Bronze Green was highlighted by adding sucessively more Gunship Green and the German Camo Beige with Dark Sand.

I went back over the stripe with Golden Brown.

The machine guns were washed with Gunmetal Grey, I then re-applied the rust colour to the  exhausts and added a bit to the tracks. I then picked out the markings in Ivory.

To finish off Itook a Tamiya Model Master kit and added some water to the rust powder then blobbed this on the exhausts and tracks, I then added water to the mud powder and did the wheels and lower hull, finally a dusting of Sand then Light Sand was applied to the upper hull. Probably only took a couple of hours all told.

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