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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

When eBay gives you lemons - paint Falangista!

Back in May I got rather carried away with an eBay auction for two lots of Empress Miniatures Spanish Foreign Legion and ended up paying about 90% retail like a div! So, the figures arrived and were counted to ensure the 33 figures were all there. I then ordered from Empress a pack each of Spanish Foreign Legion Officers and LMG teams to make up the platoon then put the lot in my 'to paint soon' pile.

On Sunday I decided to get these out and start cleaning them up, what an arse! Of the 33 figures in the eBay 'deal' there was not a single Spanish Foreign Legion model at all. I had 28 Falange, three Republican Militia and two Condor Legion figures, I will repeat 'Arse!'

Three months have passed and it's far too late to complain to the seller or raise an eBay case so I just decided to get on with it and get them painted. I already have a sizeable collection of Falange, these additional 28 will give me two more Falange of 15 to add to the Centuria. So I decided to make a start on those first. Over the past few days I have completed three batches of six and finished the bases this evening on them all, so the first eighteen are done.

I used my standard Falange scheme, just adding a bit of variance to the blanket and haversack colours.

I have also made a start on the last ten Falangista, five are base-coated and washed, the other five are still being base-coated, I hope to get them done this weekend in time for the game at Partizan.

Speaking of which, chum Mog has made us rather a snazzy couple of posters.

So, despite the bad eBay deal it's not too much of a loss, I do have 33 lovely figures to paint, plus the additional eight that I bought to go with them. Also, my Centuria of Falangista is now much larger and may fare better in our games for the additional numbers, they have not been having a good run of late. The Condor Legion and Republican Militia will all get painted and used too.

Here are a few more close-ups. I did give a coat of Vallejo Matt Varnish, but they still seem a bit glossy.

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