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Friday, 29 August 2014

Partizan Scenario try out - Phooey A Franco

Yesterday evening James, Matt and myself met up at the White Hart to try out some ideas I have for one of the scenarios that we will be playing at Partizan next weekend.

After eating in the pub, we went upstairs to set up the table, unfortunately, it was a very busy evening at the club and we would be limited to a 4ft square table rather than a 6ft by 4ft. This did mean though that there were some very nice games to see.

I set up the table as per the aerial photograph and as this was for Partizan I had already pre-picked the forces and set the jump-off points up by the time the chaps had arrived.

The Republicans would be defending a village with the following Republican Militia:

Platoon Force Rating

  • Green
  • Command Dice: 4


  • Jefe de Centuria, Superior Junior Leader, with rifle or SMG

One Squad of:

  • 15 Milicianos with rifle
  • 1 Miliciano with Flag

Two Squads each of:

  • 15 Milicianos with rifle

One Squad of:

  • 13 Milicianos with rifle
  • 2 Milicianos with an LMG


  • Adjutant
  • Army Officer Advisor with Pistol

The Nationalists would be attacking with a Centuria of Falangista with a little army support:

Platoon Force Rating
  • Green
  • Command Dice: 5
Centuria Headquarters:
  • Jefe de Centuria (Senior Leader) armed with pistols and/or SMG. 
  • Subjefe (Senior Leader) armed with pistols and/or SMG. 
  • 3 Falangistas armed with rifles.
Three Falange each of:
  • Jefe de Falange, Junior Leader, armed with a rifle.
  • Rifle Squad - 4 Falangistas
  • Rifle Squad - 5 Falangistas
  • Rifle Squad - 5 Falangistas
  • Adjutant
  • 70/16 Infantry Gun with 5 Crew and a Junior Leader
  • Hotchkiss M1914 MMG on tripod mount, 5 crew and a Junior Leader
  • Add a Flag to one squad.
It's all smart uniforms and flag waving at the start
This would give us the chance to use the additional Falange and Nationalist support weapons that I have painted recently.

To keep it simple the scenario meant that the Falangista had to capture one of two jump-off points in the Republican held village. The Nationalists started a two pronged attack with me taking a Falange up the left and Matt taking Falange up the right, pretty much where they should always be.

James was soon rushing Milicianos to man the barricades, however this is where the supporting Schnieder Howitzer and Hotchkiss machine-gun are supposed to assist the Nationalist attack. Unfortunately, the howitzer was plugging away at the barricades but having very little effect in the troops behind. Likewise, my Falangista appeared to be using .22 ammo, they were getting loads of hits on the Republicans but doing very little in the way of shock or kills.

Death to the Republican Scum
The Milicianos fire was soon starting to tell, first the Falange on the right were starting to take casualties and then my one on the right was running for the rear, arrant cowards that they are. With our numbers dwindling the Republican Jefe massed one of his squads and led them on a bayonet charge against our Falange on the right.

The Faangista were scattered, but the Hotchkiss caused great damage to the Republicans, firstly wounding and then killing their Jefe.

By now though the Nationalists were down to a single Force Morale point and things were not looking good. The however kept up a spirited defence, holding off the Republican counter attack before finally succumbing.

This was only a try-out so I have few ideas for Partizan, for a start the Republicans in four fifteens will be changed to five twelves as the large units are just too resilient fire and are deadly in close combat. The Nationalists will get an additional 15-man Falange when that gets painted - hopefully this weekend.

The images are not particularly good, the lighting at the White Hart is poor. I stopped taking after the first few phases. None of the pictures of the Republicans came out at all.

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