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Sunday 24 August 2014

Some Nationalist and Republican support options

Since getting back from my holidays I have been very busy with the painting. My body is still adjusting from Tokyo time and I am typically waking up at 04:00AM. Putting that time to good use I have been cracking on with painting figures.

'The Other Partizan' is in a couple of weeks and I am putting on a Spanish Civil War game, so I have been painting up support troops for both the Nationalists and Republicans.

First up is a Republican T-26. In our recent games, James has been using one to great effect against my poor Falangists. So, I must have one of my own, this is an Empress Miniatures model, while the crew are from the Mutton Chop VBCW range, also sold by Empress.

The tank is a base-coat of Vallejo Russian Green, washed with Sepia Wash and then the Russian Green re-applied and highlighted by adding Dark Sand.

The Republicans cannot have it all their own way though, the Nationalists also received reinforcements.

Firstly a Hotchkiss HMG with crew, again from Empress Miniatures. The crews are painted pretty much as per my standard Nationalist way that you can find here although the shirts were done in Buff rather than Light Green Blue.

I have also added a Schneider Mountain gun and crew. The gun is done in Russian Green, very much like the T-26 above.

Eagle eyed readers will notice that I based the commander on a 25mm base so that I can use him as a Junior Leader, this means that there is a crew member missing on the base. Never fear, chum James gave me a set of the old Force of Arms Nationalist gun crew a few weeks ago so I have painted these up.

I don't think that they are the nicest of figures, I found them all a bit calves and buttocks, but they painted up ok, and they fit in size-wise with the Empress stuff as you can see here.

The photos came out a little dark, I have tried brightening and sharpening them but they are not to brilliant.

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