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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A stranger walks into town

Yesterday evening Martin, Greg, Ben and myself had our first try of Dead Mans Hand. I had skim red the rules beforehand, but none of us really new how to play. I was sure we would be alright!

With the eleven  figures I finished painting yesterday still smelling of varnish, Gregs' buildings and my pieces of scatter we set up the table.

In the first game we would play the The Stranger scenario. Greg would be the Lawman

The Marshall

While Ben played the drunken outlaws, one each with a shotgun, rifle and pistol.

The Drunken Dudes

This game was over pretty dammed quick. In the first turn Greg moved towards the outlaws, aimed, shot and missed. The guy with the shotgun closed the range, let go with both barrels and blew the lawmans head off. Well that was quick and dirty.

Game one to the bad guys

We lined them up again and played the same scenario and it lasted until the deck ran out, but with no clear advantage.

Game two plays out for quite a bit longer

By now Martin had arrived so we set up the The Stranger scenario again, I would be the lawman and Martin the outlaws. This time it was another quicky, I got initiative and took cover, The outlaw with the rifle played the 'If I get one hit I get two more shots card', the first hit went home on a 20 - game over (we rolled the other two and they both hit!)

Time for a showdown - lawmen all in overcoats this time
Finally we decided that we would play a bit bigger game and selected the This Town Ain't Big Enough scenario, Martin and I were the Lawmen with a Marshall, two deputies with pistols, a deputy with repeating rifle and a deputy with a shotgun. Greg and Ben were the outlaws with a Gunslinger, two dudes with pistols, a dude with rifle and a dude with a shotgun.

The game started well for the outlaws, one broke cover and put three Under Fire markers on the Marshall, however the Marshall cooly turned and gunned the dog down. Our Deputy with shotgun despatched the outlaw with the rifle. Great start.

With our repeating rifle armed deputy on the roof of his building we dominated the town. The Gunslinger broke cover and exchanged ineffective fire with the Marshall. Next round the Gunslinger got the initiative drop and elected for three shots, so the Marshall chose to Duck Back out of range. Our repeating-rifle chap quickly put three under fire markers on the Gunslinger and another deputy finished him off with a pistol.

It was not going all our way though, the outlaws retaliated by despatching two deputies before they finally succumbed to weight of fire.

Gunslinger and Marshall duke it out

Well four games in about two and a half hours, it is certainly fast and furious. I am sure we did a few things wrong, but we'll certainly have another crack.

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