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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday 6 September 2014

Having at them again with the Falange

Today we have been having a be of a pre-Partizan gaming day and have had a couple of great games.

First of all Martin, Simon and myself played a game of Chain of Command pitting myself and Martin with the Falange against Simon with the Republican Militia.

As it was a first game for Simon we played the standard Patrol mission. The Republicans bulked out their force with an additional 10 Milicianos, an Army Officer Advisor, a Bilbao armoured car, an LMG (that we forgot to put on the table) and a Megaphone. The Nationalists added a 75mm Infantry Gun.

The Nationalists were on a Force Morale of 9 and the Republicans on an 8.

We played out the Patrol phase and the jump-off points were deployed, although the photo was 'over cropped' and the middle Nationalist one was actually in a substantial building just out of shot.

The Nationalists kicked off and were soon lining the hedge into the field directed by the sub-Jefe, the Republicans countered by deploying a unit in the Church and another in the house. The Nationalists deployed a gun in the the courtyard of their building and were soon plugging away at the Church tower.

Seeing an opening the Nationalist sub-Jefe grabbed one of his teams and made a break for the building on their left, unfortunately they rolled very low - double one - and were caught in the open by a Republican section deploying on the ridge line of the low hill in front of them, the sub-Jefe was also wounded costing valuable Force Morale for the Nationalists. Unable to rally the troops or get them moving another volley killed the sub-Jefe and broke the team, we were already down to Forve Morale 5!

Things did get better for the Nationalists, the howitzer kept up a steady fire on the Church causing a trickle of casualties and the Jefe also appeared with the troops behind the hedge and soon the Republican casualties were taking their toll on the hill so Simon withdrew those troops out of sight.

The other Falange deployed in the woods and went on overwatch. A Republican section advanced to the hedge and were shot up pretty badly by the teams on overwatch. The Nationalists then double-sixed and triple-sixed in subsequent phases and the Republicans were falling like flies. Unfortunately, Simon managed to withdraw the shot up section.

The Bilbao now came into play and supported by the troops in the church soon were replying to the fire in the woods.

We were getting to the stage when it was time to wrap it up and play our second game. The Republicans had taken a lot of casualties, but their Force Morale remained stubbornly unchanged while the Nationalists had dropped to Force Morale 5, a minor victory to the Nationalists. EDIT: a minor victory to the Republicans again.

All the figures and terrain are from my collection and were painted by myself.

Here are some more images from the game.

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