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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Black Powder American Civil War

Yesterday Trev and I tried out some Black Powder lists for American Civil War that he had been working on.

I took the Confederates and ended up with two brigades each of six infantry battalions with a battery of guns in support and one brigade of four large infantry battalions again with a battery of guns. My CinC was Staff Rating (SR) 9 while the leader of the four battalion brigade was SR8 and the two others SR7.

Trevs mix was a bit more eclectic, his CinC was SR8 and each of his four brigade commanders were SR7. I think one brigade had four battalions and a battery and the other two had six battalions and a battery, his force was finished off with a brigade of two cavalry squadrons.

Rolling for the commanders attributes Trev certainly had teh upper hand, my two SR7 commanders were both low independence while two of his were high!

My plan was a solid one of try to hold up 2/3 of his force with 1/3 of mine accting as an anvil and then use the other 2/3 as an hammer.

It did not pan out so well though, the six infantry battalions of the anvil got into position, but despite the better commanders and ratings the hammer failed to get moving intil far too late.

By the time the hammer blow swung into place the anvil had been shattered and the Union forces had managed to redeploy against me.

All for naught.

The terrain and Tonfederates are from my collection while the Union troops are Trevs. I have a load more Union of my own though.

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