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Monday, 8 September 2014

Step away from the figures

I had a great day at Partizan yesterday and played two very enjoyable Spanish Civil War games with chums Matt, James W and James M.

However an incident happened yesterday that has really irked me.

We has played the first game and I suggested that the chaps grab some lunch while I set up the second game. I was busy tiding away the Falange and started getting out the Regulares. As you can see I have a backdrop of rolling hills and it is quite a good place to set up the awaiting forces behind here.

Anyway, I was getting the figures out of the boxes and setting them up in their units when a chap wanders over and picks one up and starts rolling it around in his fingers.

I was about ready to go all; 'What gives you the fucking right to paw my figures. Put the thing down you prick' but he probably saw the look in my eye and put it down anyway.

Just because I am putting on a game at the show does not put the figures I have spent hours painting public domain. These things are delicate and take a lot of time to paint, what gives you the right to come along pawing them?

I have just realised that this in my 400th post, I suppose marking a milestone with my first rant is not such a bad thing.

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