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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Cold War Commander Reinforcements

These will be the last newly painted figures of 2014.

A good few years ago a few of us had some great games of Cold War Commander. I painted up US Army and Soviets for a fictional 1980's conflict as well as an extensive collection for the Iran-Iraq War of the same time period.

About three years ago, Mick and I played a 1967 campaign with Mick using his Israelis and myself using my Iranians and Iraqis as their Arab adversaries. Mick and I have scheduled another game of Cold War Commander early next month so I took the opportunity to paint up some of the stuff I already had, a cheeky little order  of my own to Heroics and Ros, plus a stocking filler from my wife Victoria who also purchased me some Heroics and Ros goodies.

They are Army Painter Desert Yellow, Vallejo Beige Brown for the camouflage patterns, Black for the tracks and a quick dry-brush with Pale Sand. I then washed with Sepia Wash mixed with Glaze Medium.

The bases are US Tan Earth dry-brushed with Iraqi Sand and then Pale Sand.

First of all I found the other three GHQ T-10M to go with those I painted earlier in the month.

These are 10 H&R T-35/85, the command base has a GAZ67 added

These are 10 H&R T54 that Victoria bought for me, the command base has a BRDM-2

Five H&R T-72 from Victoria, I used Chocolate Brown camouflage for these as I wanted a deeper contrast.

Three H&R SU-100

Six GHQ BTR-50 armoured personnel carriers, again using a Chocolate Brown camouflage

Some recce elements, three BRDM1 and a pair of GAZ67 jeeps, one with a spare 14.5mm HMG added.

Here is a shot of the lot

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