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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Finished off an Alae of Republican Romans

I have completed the last handful of figures from the two half-boxes of Victrix Republican Romans. One command base of Romans and a unit of Velites in wolf-skin. I finished painting these a couple of weeks ago, but only completed the bases yesterday.

I have done a 50mm diameter command base with a Centurion, Signifer and musician.

Plus a unit of five Velites with wolf-skins to supplement the two units of Velites I already did.

James and I shared two boxes of the Victrix Republicn Romans taking half each from an armoured and un-armoured box. This has given me a good sized force of one Command stand, one unit of Triarii, two units of Principes, two units of Hastatii and three units of Velites.

Here is a shot of the completed force:

I should really do another box to complete the legion and then add some Equites, but I have a few other projects on the go at the moment so will not be rushing out to get any more.

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