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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Bagging the Hun for the first time in yonks!

Inspired by watching the film Dunkirk - I've seen it twice already - we convened on Thursday evening for my first game of Bag the Hun in about a year, I last played in Brown Deer near Milwauke with Bill and company.

We played the 'Bandits' scenario at the back of the book I oversaw events and Bruce took the Hun with four Bf-109 and Drew the RAF with four Spitfire I.

In a great run of cards at the start of the game the RAF snook up on the Luftwaffe and got into a very advantageous position. The Hun caught unawares twisted and weaved, twice the RAF were on the tail of the Messerschmidts but the RAF failed to capitalise, the RAF ace emptied all his ammo into one of the Hun but it still limped off table and completed its objective. The only damage the Hun achieved on the RAF was a cracked windscreen!

At the end of play four Bf-109s had escaped albeit two badly damaged and all the RAF were still in the air for honours even. Although the dastardly Bosche Schwarmfuhrer abandoned his mates and made a break for it when he could have been helping out.

I hope we get the opportunity to play much more of these games.

More photos from Drew, I only managed a couple of my own.