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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Friday, 21 July 2017

War of the Spanish Succession Play-test

Having been rather disappointed with the rules we had been using for the War of the Spanish Succession I decided that I'd have a crack at developing my own set. 

So, Thursday night saw Drew and Bruce participating as guinea pigs, or test pilots if you prefer, in the first outing for the rules that have the development title of #CofCMUtheBPandF (bonus points for deciphering the code).

I set the table up with French and Dutch armies, as you can see in the images below with the French nearest the camera. Both sides had 16 units of horse, 12 units of foote, two heavy guns and a light gun. Both armies were organised into six brigades although both of differing configurations.

As usual, Drew took the French and Bruce the Dutch, I would provide interpretation and guidance as we went along.

As you probably guessed from the images, the rules are D10 based and card driven with each player getting to perform actions based upon the draw of the cards as well as boost his own units and negatively impact his opponents units. For this test both players had the same decks, although as we go along we shall develop national characteristics through the contents of the players decks.

We got about eight turns in over three and a half hours play, including breaks to fetch more beers and chit-chat, not too bad for a first game. The foot never got to grips as both players concentrated on orchestrating a large swirling cavalry melee on the Dutch left which the French eventually got the worst of.

Despite no overwhelming victory for any one side the mechanisms seemed to go quite well, but, I've added a few minor tweaks in time for next weeks game and we'll introduce a few more troop types and start classing some troops as veterans and some as raw.

All the figures are from my collection, painted by myself from the Baccus range. Drew did provide all of the casualty markers in the form of some great stacks of cannonballs from Pendraken.

More photos from the game, mostly courtesy of Drew.

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