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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

War of the Spanish Succession French (3)

Catching up with the French this week and the French get a much needed injection of troops. Firstly, three units of infantry from the Bourbonnaise Regiment. Lovely bright flags, but very dull troops, grey coats, grey cuffs, grey waistcoat, grey trousers, grey stockings. More grey than a Spitting Image John Major puppet.

The first four squadrons of French horse are done too, just about every line regiment had grey coats with red cuffs and blankets so these can be pretty much any unit we want. I've done a couple of cavalry standards, one in blue and one in red, both with the Sun King emblem (memories of painting Evil Sunz all those years ago).

When I was cleaning up the tents, I thought that one of the larger ones would make a very good Lethargic General. A sentry stands outside while 'His Nibs' does whatever he does inside that detracts from his duties.

Two bases of pioneers, well, they may be needed one day, otherwise can become another part of the camp furniture.

 Two herds of cattle also join the expanding set of camp goods. One herd of Belted Galway and another of Holsteins.

More rows of tents for the camp, this time with sentries on duty.

Two bases of 'fluff' complete this weeks efforts, a flock of sheep and some off duty chaps enjoying a beer.

On the painting table at the moment: 28mm Artizan WWII SAS and more Baccus 6mm WSS, British Infantry this time!

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