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Copyright © 2018, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

American Civil War: Confederates (6)

Painting in 2018 starts the way that it ended in 2017 with more work on the American Civil War forces and terrain for our Sharp Practice games.

Our games so far have been rather limited as I only have enough Confederates painted to be able to field the most basic of forces, even having to use the dismounted cavalry as skirmishers to make up the numbers. This weeks painting update means that I now have a dozen infantry that I can field in this role instead freeing up the cavalrymen for their proper duties.

These twelve figures are all made up from the components of the American Civil War Confederate Infantry box painted in a mixtures of greys, butternuts and browns.

You may recall from an earlier blog update that Victoria had surprised me with a Warbases water cart, well there were more surprises in the form of a turnip cart and a couple of draft horses to pull them. Both carts saw service in Thursdays game of Sharp Practice.

Finally added this week - only just completed for the blog update were a couple more pieces from the Warbases range that Victoria had bought for me, firstly an outside privy.

A chicken coop, I based the poultry separately, they can be used - with much mirth - when we roll the 'stampeding livestock' random event. Those birds can cause a nasty peck!