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Sunday, 10 December 2017

American Civil War: Confederates (4)

A dozen Perry Miniatures dismounted Confederate cavalry and a water cart from Warbases. I almost had the Confederates completed in time for last weeks blog update, but I never got a chance to get them done so they made this weeks cut.

First up, two packs of the Confederate dismounted cavalry. I did these in a mix of colours, the darker grey is from a base of Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform and the lighter grey from a base of Neutral Grey. The butternut is a mix of Flat Earth and German Camo Beige. 

As usual, after I block in the base-coats I give the figures a sepia wash and then re-apply the base-coat and then add a couple of highlights to them. As with all Perry Miniatures metals they are well sculpted figures, badly let down in the mould making stage. I do wish they would start using somebody else to cut their moulds.

Next I added a water card from warbases, Mrs Scrivs is a star and bought this for me as a gift and gave it me yesterday, a quick assembly, priming, base-coat of Chocolate Brown followed by a quick sepia wash was done and this morning I highlighted and varnished ready for inclusion in today's post.

It shall come in really useful for our Sharp Practice games, either as scenic scatter or specifically as a water cart that is an option available to the troops.

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