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Sunday, 3 December 2017

American Civil War: Confederates (3)

This week sees the completion of the first box of Perry Miniatures Confederate Infantry. These last twelve figures comprise the officers, sergeant, colour party and a handful that I made up as skirmishers using the spare arms from the skirmishers frame from the Union that I had done earlier.

It's a shame that the there are no specific Confederate skirmishers in this set, but it's to be understood that this set only needed two frames tooling while the Union set required three.

The first officer used parts from the Confederate command frame, plus the drawn sword from the Union command frame.

The second officer is a bit of a mash-up, having lost his hat and sword he advances pistol drawn. The hat-less hair is from the Union frames as is the left arm.

The drummer-boy was made using the standard components from the Confederate command frame.

The sergeant again is standard components from the Confederate infantry frame with just painted in 'stripes'. I'll likely need to do a couple more of these when I next make up a box.

This is the box completed with the addition of the single Foundry Victorian explorer painted as a separate officer.

On the painting table at the moment I have a dozen dismounted Confederate cavalrymen nearing completion and have just made a start on some mounted Union cavalry.

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