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Sunday, 4 February 2018

American Civil War: Union (10)

A rather punishing schedule at the office this week left little time for painting, so I concentrated on adding a few more Minor Characters for our Sharp Practice games. Fortunately Brigade Games does the Western Characters pack that shall appear familiar to viewers of the HBO series Deadwood. The series is set a little after the war, but, I doubt some of the characters had changed their underwear since Gettysburg!

These chaps shall also fit in well if we have a Dead Mans Hand revival.

The first chap is perfect as our preacher, the Reverend Henry Weston Smith, veteran on the 52nd Mass. with a bible to be thumped to inspire our chaps.

Ethan Bennett 'E.B.' Farnum, perfect for when the town our heroes visit requires a mayor or proprietor of a seedy hotel.

Tom Nuttall, for when our troops are in need of liquid refreshment at the#10 Saloon, although I think that the glass is getting dirtier for being rubbed with that cloth!

For those times a more carnal entertainment is required our heroes can enlist the services of Al Swearengen and his girls at the Gem Theater. Not really noticeable in the picture, but I added a fine pinstripe on his suit and waist-coat.

Finally a physic for our troops in the shape of Doc Cochran, probably in much demand if the #10 or the Gem are frequented by our heroes.

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