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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday 11 February 2018

American Civil War: Confederates (9)

A small update on the American Civil War collection this week as another group of eight Confederate infantrymen join the growing forces. This group are painted in a mixture of greys, butternuts and browns and when they are mixed in with the existing troops shall add more variety to the force.

All are from the Perry Miniatures ACW Confederate Infantry set and are posed at right shoulder shift. The palette for these was mainly:

  • Neutral Grey
  • Butternut (a mix of German Camo Beige and Flat Earth)
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Flat Earth

When I did the highlights on about half of the Neutral Grey rather than adding Pale Grey I added Pastel Blue to give a blueish hue, not sure it shows up in these photos though.

The unit base is from Warbases I buggered up on this batch though, previously I used a piece of flex-o-metal in the slot, this time though I glued in some 'fender washers' they are a bit thick and the figures stand quite proud in the holes. 

Here are a few close-ups of a couple of the individuals. The photos are not that good, I could not get the lighting right today.

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