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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Andalusian Jinetes

I've not painted anything for the El Cid project for quite some time and these chaps have been sat on top of my paint cabinet for almost a year. The riders were finished last February and the horses just needed high-lights and basing.

So, after a year gathering dust I made the decision to pause painting the ACW collection for a while and instead make a small effort to get these done.

All the figures are from the Gripping Beast range and are lovely figures to paint. Although you'll note that in the intervening year some clumsy oaf has knocked a foot off the chap in the red tunic. One of the horses is of the old-style and not as nice as the newer ones.

These fellows shall either be a single unit of Jinetes when playing To The Strongest or Hail Caesar or half a unit when playing Warhammer Ancient Battles.

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