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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Hundred Years War: English (10)

Recent holiday saw very little painting but much assemblage of Perry Miniatures plastics, including 30 more English bowmen. These mainly drew on the English Army 1415-1429 set but includes many bodies and heads from the Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29 set. I also got some use out of the mounted archer components in the Agincourt Mounted Knights 1415-29 set, if a bow is held in a right hand it's from that set.

Following on from the recent brown and green French spearman unit I painted this time I opted for the brown and blue livery of John Mowbray. The brown is off a base-coat of VMC Flat Earth and the blue is off a base-coat of VMC Medium Blue.

The unit movement trays are a custom order from Warbases, while the stakes are included in the English Army 1415-1429 set.

A close up of each of the individuals. I tried to maintain the blue-brown particoloured look but without applying the same livery to every figure.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Hundred Years War: French (11)

Before I went on vacation I had completed these French Pavisiers, but was waiting on the shield transfers from LBMS so that I could finish off the pavises, I really did not fancy trying to free-hand six identical shields.

Arriving back from our vacation in Florida on Tuesday we were able to pick up our post and the transfers were in - bingo! There was a slight problem though, this set is sold as to fit Perry Miniatures French Pavises. Unfortunately it's designed for the pavises provided in the metal range in this pack and this pack, not the plastic pavises that I am using. So this involved a bit of painting to fill in the gaps where they did not reach the ends, also some of the fleur-de-lys are bent around the sides of the shields.

This unit is painted in the half-red, half-brown colours of Lyon and the shield transfers used also represent the arms of the city of Rouen. I have enough transfers left to do units of Pavisiers for Tours, Lyon and Soissons so expect more units in the future.

The angle of the shot above catches almost all the brown and none of the red, making them look a completely different unit to the one in the shot below.

The pavisiers are a nice option to build out of the Agincourt plastics sets.

As usual, everything is a single figure on a 20mm round Renedra and sabotted into a Warbases custom movement tray.

Here are some detail shots of some of the individuals.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Poilu Reinforcements

On the run up to my vacation I ran out of Hundred Years War figures to paint, Oh the horror! However a swift order to Arcane Scenery did remedy that and on the day before I went on vacation I had another couple of boxes of Perry Agincourt arrive.

With no Hundred Years War to paint it was time to clear some of the lead mountain and earn myself another point in the squirrel duel, so I dug out the last nine Brigade Games WWI French infantry from the order I had in 2018 and got to work on those in the meanwhile.

Most of my WWI collection is from the Gripping Beast "Woodbine Designs" range but the Brigade Games stuff does mix in well. There are two distinct sculptors on the Brigade Games range though, the hands and faces on some of the figures show this up the most.

The first group is five riflemen three are mounted individually and the remaining two as a pair.

The Horizon Bleu recipe I use is based on a 'Bondi Blue' paint from a very old Gripping Beast paint set, unfortunately they don't seem to do it any more and I am still looking for a good match, although with plenty enough French for my games I'm not really sure if I need much more.

In this order I went a bit mad on ordering Chauchat teams, and this painting session saw another two completed.

I tried to capture the 'blasted ground' of the Verdun battlefield on the bases. The remnants of barbed wire entanglements are sealing wire wrapped around cocktail sticks and the groundwork is pumice gel is mixed into a paste with grit and static grass and then some Vallejo Flat Earth is stirred in and the gooey mess is slathered all over the base.

Hundred Years War service shall resume shortly....

Friday, 8 March 2019

Hundred Years War: English (9)

Richard de Vere the 11th Earl of Oxford was commander of the English rear-guard at Agincourt and one of those 'happy few'.

The figures are all from the Perry plastics range, mainly the 'English Army' set, but Oxfords sword arm is from the 'Agincourt Knights' set.

I made a simple sabot command stand as a test piece, 50mm MDF circle made up with DAS clay to 'socket' the bases. Not that happy with the result but it shall suffice, maybe another custom order to Warbases is needed.

I'm out of figures for this project now, so a new order has been placed on Arcane Scenery, I took them on vacation with me and now have 72 figures assembled and ready for some paint.

More to come.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Hundred Years War: French (10)

This week I finished off the last six French mounted Men at Arms from the box of Perry Miniatures Agincourt Knights. I'm not usually somebody who enjoys painting cavalry but these have been a delight to get done.

The standard is Comte d’Alencon from Battle Flag and is carried by a mounted sergeant made up from one of the lighter bodies in the set.

Of these last six I used three of the lighter armed bodies in hauberks and aketons, as I mentioned before if you buy a box of the figures directly from the Perry's it makes a lot of sense to buy the extra medieval horses as you shall get 18 figures out of the box rather than six.

Here are some individual close-ups, the first being a mounted sergeant in the livery of the city of Rouen.

A mounted man at arms, his charger has mail peytral and croupiere.

The second is a mounted sergeant carrying the standard of the Comte d’Alencon.

The third is a mounted man at arms in white armour with arms azure a chevron or. A design from my own imagination, there were about 16000 French men at arms at Agincourt, somebody must have had this.

A mounted sergeant in simple aketon.

The final knight has arms gules a cross or. He has a cloth covered aventail, a nice feature available in the box.

I thought that as I had completed all the Agincourt Knights that I bought this would be a good place to show a group shot of all 18.

I'm also pretty much out of figures for this project now, a dozen pavisers are awaiting shield transfers from LBMS and the last few  English men at arms shall be in another post.

After these I was left with five figures to paint so I completed the small group below.

The flag is Sieur Chaunot from the Hundred Years War range from Battle Flag and is likely a little early for Agincourt, but adds some colour. The flags are a little large for the Perry standard poles so I had to trim it a little.

These shall come in handy if I need to stretch out a few extra units for a game and I'll add to them when my next order arrived.