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Thursday, 23 January 2014

The return of Lee and a couple of games of X-Wing

What with work and family commitments, Lee has not been down the club in months. However, he now had a free Tuesday evening and was up for a game of 'anything, you choose' at the club on Tuesday evening.

Lee had never played X-Wing Miniatures game and I had not played it in months either, so to ease him back into gaming we first played the 'Shuttle Escort' mission with Lee choosing to play the Imperil forces using the standard two Tie Fighter vs one X-Wing mission in the book. This was a close run game but at the end of the mission the shuttle was one move from the edge of the board but had only two hull points remaining and a Tie Fighter with damaged weapon system too a close range shot (only two attack dice) and scored two hits, the shuttle failed to dodge any and the Imperials claimed the day.

Having go the introductory mission out of the way we set down to a big game, each picking 100pts and just going for it with no objectives. I picked the Millenium Falcon piloted by Hans Solo accompanies by two Red Squadron X-Wings, Lee picked Darth Vader escorted by Soontir Fel and four Black Squadron Tie Fighters.

This was a proper melee that involved one of the biggest pile-ups that I had seen in one movement phase all but one of the eight vessels involved - Soontir Fel having been despatched by Hans Solo as he lined up a shot on one of the X-Wings - managed to collide with another, see the photo, this was just as the movement orders had been placed, what did we think would happen.

In the end it was a Rebel victory, having lost an X-Wing they had accounted for Soontir Fel and three of the Tie Fighters when we wrapped up.

Lee can now make it down the club more often and will hopefully feature in more battle reports over the coming weeks.

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  1. Paul:

    Your repertoire of games never ceases to impress. Best, Dean