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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Fall Blau Painting Update - 14th May 2017

Just a small update this week with a Rubicon Models T-34 added to the collection.

A really nice kit, easy to put together and I reckon took lees than an hour to paint in my 'dirty, streaky, tank style.' A base-coat of Russian Green with the tracks and exhausts painted in a mix of Saddle Brown and Gunmetal Grey. A coat of Sepia Wash was applied and allowed to dry then the Russian Green was reapplied as a very thin wash with a little Dark Sand added for subsequent highlights. The tracks and exhausts we re-applied and the machine-gun picked out with a wash of Gunmetal Grey. The grills were given a thin wash of Black Grey and decals applied.

After the decals had set I applied a coat of Testors Dull-coat and set about with Tamiya Model Master, the lower hull in Mud and upper hull in Sand.  The end of the gun barrel and the hull around the exhausts we given a dirtying with Black and then an all-over light dusting of Light Sand.

I've painted quite a bit of other stuff this week for the War of the Spanish Succession and El Cid collections but it all needs basing. Not sure if there will be an update next week as I shall be in Mexico City all week on business.

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