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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Hundred Years War: English (13)

Almost six months after I started this project - on Agincourt Day no less - I'm coming to the end of the figures I purchased so far. These dozen English Men at Arms are the last of such for now.

As usual all the figures are from the Perry Miniatures plastic Agincourt sets and include components from all of the four box sets.

All flags are from the The Knights of The Black Prince set from Battle Flag so are a little early for the armour that the figures are wearing. I may get around to changing them at some date in the future.

As always, everything is mounted on a 20mm Renedra fro our games of Warhammer Ancient Battles or Lion Rampant, each group of six is mounted on a 80mm x 60mm base from Warbases for our To The Strongest! and Hail Caesar games.

Four English Men at Arms including one carrying the banner of Edward of Woodstock, the banner arm is actually a lance arm from the Mounted Knights set. The chap on the right uses a body and arms from the French set, but is given an orle to complete his Englishness.

This banner is that of Thomas Beauchamp The Earl of Warwick. The second right chap is made with a French body but English arms with his besegaws decorated with the Cross of St. George. The fellow on the right uses body and arms from the French Knights frame and again is proclaimed English by his orle.

The final four, this banner is that of Sir Thomas Holland. Quite a mix of figures here, the one on the left is entirely from the French Knights frame, the body of the second left is actually from the French infantry frame, while the chap on the right is entirely from the French infantry frame apart from his visor.

So, no more English Men at Arms for now, until I succumb to a new purchase.