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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Thursday 25 April 2019

Hundred Years War: French (16)

Another unit for the Hundred Years War collection, this time a break from men at arms that have featured so much of late and out with a unit of pavisiers and crossbow.

All the figures are from Perry Miniatures Agincourt to Orleans plastic sets with the majority coming from the AO 50 Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29 set but many components from the others

The shield transfers are from LBMS, but as I found when I painted the last lot of Pavisers these transfers are not for the plastic figures so you'll notice where I painted in around the edges.

The design represents troops from the city of Soissons although after what the French did to the city after recapturing it from the Burgundian's in 1414 I doubt that the citizens would be overly committed to the Valois cause.

 I wanted the unit in fairly drab colours and no consistent livery so you'll note a lot of mustard, russet, drab green and grey used in the palette for these. This was another batch of figures that suffered from some grainy primer and it shows up a little in some of the shots.

The figures are mounted on 20mm Renedra rounds and then magnetised into a custom tray ordered from Warbases.

These are the last of the Perry Miniatures that I had in my backlog and now standing at 30 units completed (25 foot and 5 mounted) along with spare figures, commanders, civilians and casualty markers all painted the project may be considered complete, but I am enjoying these a lot and cannot stop, so purchased some metal commanders to get painted up for both factions.

The French rather outnumber the English too 17 units to 13 units and although there should be a disparity I think that I likely should add at least a few more units of bowmen to the collection.

 Hope to get these figures out again and playing in the next week or so.


  1. Very nice - I have my designs on some crossbowmen with pavaisers too

    1. Thanks Paul, how is your HYW project progressing?

    2. I have boxes of foot and mounted knights looking at me impatiently!

  2. Lovely Fleur de Lys, shields are beautiful and useful...great looking minis!

  3. A fine looking bunch of the hoi polloi. Can they be called fine?

  4. So big Fleurs de Lys... and soldiers of course!

  5. Another great looking unit, lovely finish on them too!
    Best Iain

  6. The drab colours work well with the earthy tones on your bases and really make your shields pop. Superb painting all round.

  7. I can only second Pat! The earthy clothing in combination with the vibrant blue of the shields looks fantastic.