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Thursday, 26 April 2012

First Few El Cid Spanish - Work in Progress

I've been working away at the Christian Spanish for the El Cid Campaign Day that Tom and I are running in October.

I've decided that the best way to get these done is to start off with a four-point Saga war-band and add figures from there.

The figures are all from the Perry Miniatures - First Crusade range. They are lovely figures, but I'm rather concerned that the bridles do not have a strap over the end of the horses nose. I've already started adding some green-stuff straps to the next lot that I am currently preparing.

So far I have an Infante and two sets of four Caballeros that just need some finishing off and the bases doing.



8 Caballeros
Some close-ups of the Caballeros:

Next up on the painting table, being base-coated are eight Peons.

As you can probably guess I'm trying to tie the force together with red and yellow shield designs.


  1. Lots of nice looking work there. Like the shield work.

  2. Excellent painting, really capture that Spanish look

  3. Lovely!!! I really like The shield pattern on the second from top cabellero..and good idea using overall yellow and red shield patterns...great´s making me rethink using my HaT El Cid figs for generic crusaders and instead going for a proper El Cids army

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    I've done a little more work on the Caballeros and the first eight Peons are done too. I'm just awaiting the order of bases for them from Warbases.

    Paul, I took a look at your HaT El Cid just the other day, very nice.

  5. Very nice, Paul! That colour scheme looks oddly familiar.. ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of it come together.

  6. Cheers Andy, they are Spanish, what else could I do - actually I think my Mercenary spears may be Catalonians - then I can to them in Barcelona shirts :-)