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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Club Night - I Ain't Been Shot Mum, round three

I mentioned to Quinton that I'd started playing I Ain't Been Shot Mum  with the crowd at the White Hart of late and he said that he'd like to try it out, so we set up a game yesterday evening at Maelstrom Games.

As it was another 'first game' I again set up the 'North of Caen' game, but this time as I don't have any late war British Infantry of my own we used my 82nd Airborne troops, based on Dog Company 505PIR, so I suppose it was more a 'North of Sainte-Mère-Église' game.

As the Allies have not had too good a time of it in the last two events, we made the following modifications:
  1. The Paratroopers were all counted as Veteran infantry and Aggressive.
  2. An Allies Rally and an Allies Dynamic Leader card were added to the deck.
  3. The 2" mortars were replaced with 60mm mortars.

The game went a lot better for the allies this time, the two German MG teams were swiftly dealt with due to the increased effectiveness of the 60mm mortar over the 2" mortar and the German positions were soon over-ran.

This was despite some unintentional shenanigans on my part, the third Paratrooper platoon had been moving up on a blind for most of the game and when it was revealed I had forgotten to put the cards into the deck and this was not noticed for a few turns.

The difference in class when using Veteran infantry is very clear, the ability to still have three actions when reduced to six men and still having a an action when reduced to four men made a huge difference.

Quint really enjoyed the game and we are going to have another go next Tuesday evening, hopefully with some tanks on the table.

Here are some images from the game, some very old buildings of mine had to do service, they are looking a bit tatty now, I'll have to get some of the lovely Sarissa Precision ones like James has.

The US Airborne advance

The German defenders

A section of paratroopers advance along a hedgerow

One building captured, three more to go - easy.....


  1. Just give your buildings a paint wash. They'll look fine and weathered then!

  2. Thanks, but I may just grab some I'd the lovely new mdf ones that have the bonus that you can put the troops in them.