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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Friday 13 April 2012

Club Night - a couple of games of Saga

Yesterday evening, John, Tom and myself enjoyed a couple of games of Saga at Maelstrom Games.

John had not played before, and although I had a few games under my belt I had not won a game of Saga before and Tom was to be our mentor, he's even had a Saga article published in a recent issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy.

I had bought my very early Saxons with me that would do duty as Anglo-Danish, John had bought his recycled Vikings, these had been painted years ago and had been put away in a box for many a moon. John had dug them out this week and had re-based on round bases for the game.

As we were beginners, we opted for a four point war-band each. Both sides had a Warlord, two Hearth-guard and two Warriors.

All the scenery is from my collection.

Game 1

John and I took the first game. Basically we deployed opposite each other and just went for it.

The Hand of John and a large yellow tape
Two units of warriors contested a small village on my right, despite initial gains by the Ceorls they were eventually repulsed by the Viking Bondi.

Ceorls are repulse, or revolting, or something like that

On my left a unit of Hirdmen charged into my other Ceorl unit, but after some fluky dice rolling on my part they were beaten off with only one survivor.

The Hirdmen attempt to take on some Ceorls
My unit of Huscarles and Warlord soon saw the remaining Hirdman and also accounted for a unit of Bondi. Johjn retaliated by mopping up the Ceorls on my left and taking off my other unit of Huscarles, I picked off his last Hirdmen.

At the end of the game I had my Warlord, one Huscarl and three Ceorls left, John had his Warlord and two Bondi left. A small win to myself.

Game 2

This time it was Toms turn to use my Anglo-Danis against Johns Vikings

Tom and John prepare for battle
This time John fared much better, despite his Hirdmen on the right launching a similarly disastrous charge against a unit of Ceorls John was able to isolate the Anglo-Danish Warlord and cut him down.

More action in that village, this time the Vikings are victorious
John has borrowed my rules to have a read so that he can prepare for our up-coming Saga day at the White Hart on 3rd May.


  1. Flattering picture there. :(
    Thanks for that.

    Good games last night, enjoyed it. I'll stick my report up later. Looking forward to May 3rd.

  2. The camera never lies and all that :-)