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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Another 14th Army infantry section and a bit of Burma vegetation

What with Salute last weekend and repairing terrain boards for our WWII Burma game at Partizan in June I've not really had a lot of opportunity to do much figure painting for a few weeks. However, this week I did manage to get the final highlights done on another eight men to use as an infantry section with my British Empire Burma forces. These are all figures from The Assault Group and comprise a NCO with a Sten Gun, a Bren gunner and six infantry with Lee-Enfields.

British Infantry Section
I've also made some more small vegetation pieces for the Burma game, comprising the simple expedient of sticking the bristles of a scrubbing brush onto a 25mm diameter MDF base.

Some small pieces of scrub to use

Here are some close ups of a couple of the figures.

Bren gunner

Infantryman with SMLE
I've got quite a bit ongoing this weekend, I hope to finish off the refurbished terrain boards along with the 'Toilet on stilts' and 'Well with no bucket' pieces. I've got some more 14th Army infantry on the go along with some mule teams and I've just made a start on a Die Waffenkammer Universal Carrier that is being done for the Burma project too. I'm playing Steve tomorrow at Maurice using the 40mm 'semi-flats' and have games on both Wednesday and Thursday evening. It may be a busy week of posts on Scrivsland.