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Sunday 21 April 2013

You spent how much at Salute?

I have a shameful admission. I arrived at Salute at 07:30 and we left at 18:00. In those ten and a half hours I spent £31.00.

I am a disgrace to the hobby!

It's even worse, the first pound I spent was on 20 7mm black dice from Mini-bits, for the purpose of our game I bought a load of blue dice to use as casualty markers, as soon as I put them out I started grating on me, so at about 09:00 I sent Andy McTaggart off to Mini-bits to pick up some black ones for me - he went to pick up some of their dice frames as he liked mine so much.

I spent the next seven hours playing Dux Bellorum, chatting to our spectators, catching up with old friends and generally having a good time. I had a mooch around the hall, but nothing really caught my eye. It came to about four o'clock and my funds remained intach. I had originally planned to purchase a box of the Perry Miniatures Desert Rats, but talked myself out of that, I though I'll get the Battle of Meiktila stuff done before I make a start on the Keren project.

Anyhow, the cash I had gotten out was burning a hole in my pocket so I popped over to the Perry Miniatures stand and prepared to make my purchase, but, they were doing a deal, you could have a  box of the Perry Miniatures Desert Rats and a Universal Carrier for £30.00.

That was me sold!

On to a review of the goodies.

The Perry Miniatures Universal Carrier is made in conjunction with Blitzkreig Miniatures. It's comes with three crew in metal, plus another metal sprue of Boyes, Bren Gun, pintle mounted Bren Gun and two Lee Enfields plus seven pieces of stowage.

A very clean resin casting with some lovely resin and white metal additions, a bargain at £15.00

The Desert Rats box set is everything you could expect from the Perrys, £18.00 for 38 miniatures, enough to make a Platton HQ of Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, Radio Operator, Runner, Boyes AT Rifle and 2" Mortar with two crew, then three sections of ten men including a Bren Gun. Included are additional heads, pioneer equipment, rifles, bayonets, and general goodies. There are also 32 20mm round bases and four 40mm square bases.

A great set of figures that will be extremely useful for our Keren game.

I may have only spent £30.00 at Salute, but I'm very happy with my purchases.

Perry / Blitzkreig Universal Carrier

Perry / Blitzkreig Universal Carrier

Perry Miniatures Desert Rats, box art

Perry Miniatures Desert Rats infantry sprue

Perry Miniatures Desert Rats command sprue

Perry Miniatures Desert Rats, the box contents

The instruction leaflet


  1. You and the rest of Grimsby may hang your head in shame! £31! £31?

    But I agree, well spent. Trying to hunt down those carriers today ...

    Thanks for the great pics and update!

  2. I have been looking forward to seeing the Perry's Desert infantry for a long time. They look great!

  3. £31?! I'm usubscribing, you are a disgrace to the wargaming community :D

    On a serious note, what a great pickup/deal! I took my little brother to the show and he wanted some ww2 opponents for his Nazis(I'm sticking strictly to ancients atm), I should have picked this up instead of spending £40 on US infantry and one tank. 38 figures per box is great too!

  4. I just ordered one of the carriers for myself, so supplement the Tommy deal that is on offer (whenever it arrives this side of the pond....).

    I look forward to your painted miniatures!!!

  5. £18.99 spent

    Beat you!!!!!!!

    1. That's on wargaming goodies by the way, the real damage was over £250!

    2. I spent about as much on travel and parking as I did on the goodies.