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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

El Cid Berber Cavalry

I've done some more Berbers, this time it's nine Berber cavalry from Gripping Beast. These are done in my usual speed painting method:

Clean up the figures and spray with Halfords Grey primer
The horses are painted in either Vallejo Black, Saddle Brown or Beige Brown
Pretty much coat the riders all over in Vallejo Dark Sand
Add some detail in Vallejo Intense Blue, Golden Brown, and Black where it feels appropriate
Do the spears in Vallejo Green Ochre
Do the majority of the horse furniture, belts, scabbards etc in either Black or Saddle Brown.
Wash all over in Vallejo Sepia Wash
Highlight again with the base coat colours and then with a lightened version of the base-coat colours.

The banners are done by doing a Google image search for Islamic Poetry and then trying to get the flow represented rather than the exact characters.

It's a very quick method and I reckon all nine cavalry were done in about six hours, so about 40 minutes a figure.
I still need to give these a coat of dull-coat.

Here are some more shots including the close-ups.

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