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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A practice for Crisis

A late update of the game we fought on Thursday as I have been working away all weekend.

James and I are taking the mountain to Crisis in Antwerp next weekend and we wanted to try out the scenario we would be using.

Quinton joined us to make the third player.

James and I set up the mountain in what I expect may be a record time, I'll see if I can make another time-lapse video to show the process and we then set up our forces.

James would defend with a Platoon of Italian Askaris while Quinton and I were attacking, I had a platoon of the 2nd/West Yorkshires while Quinton had a platoon of 3rd/12th Royal Frontier Force.

Quinton and I would race to the summit while James tried to fend us off.

As can happen with Chain of Command, we only played a single turn. However at one stage in the battle I maintained the initiative and had four - yes FOUR - consecutive phases. As you can imagine I was very close to the top by this time.

However Subhedar Quinton was not having any of this and launched a 'three-dice' charge up the slope and after a bloody round of combat his Indians had destroyed the Askaris facing them and he had beaten me into the fort.

I took many pictures of the game, but tried to concentrate on shots up and down the slop as I think that these are quite atmospheric. I particularly like the ones where the spotlight in the background looks like the sun beating down on the slope - inappropriate for this action as it was fought at dawn.

All the figures are from mine and James' collection.

A few more shots if you are not already bored.

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