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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday 29 October 2014

100 Years War - To The Strongest

Having been playing To The Strongest at the club for a few weeks now we are getting quite a bit of interest.

Yesterday evening we introduced Richard to 'To The Strongest' and he kindly supplied his extensive collection of Medieval troops for us to use.

Using the 100 Years War list I picked a couple of forces at about 150 points.

Richard & Greg would use the English:

  • Heroic General, Veteran Foot Knights, Veteran Longbow (stakes), Veteran Longbow (stakes), Billmen
  • Heroic General, Veteran Foot Knights, Veteran Longbow (stakes), Veteran Longbow (stakes)
  • Heroic General, Veteran Foot Knights, Longbow (stakes), Longbow (stakes), Longbow (stakes), Longbow (stakes)

Myself and Ben used the French:

  • Heroic General, Veteran Later Knights, Later Knights (hero), Later Knights (hero)
  • Heroic General, Knights, Knights (hero), Knights (hero)
  • Heroic General, Knights, Crossbowmen (pavisse), Crossbowmen (pavisse), Archers, Archers, Brigans.

Both armies were on ten Victory Medals.

Martin would help us along and reference the rule where necessary.

We set up the terrain and there was rather a lot of it on the table, however the random effect wiped most of it off the board leaving the English to secure their flanks on a wood and a bit of open ground.

The English of course deployed a long line of archers with 'forts' of Men at Arms interspersing them. The French deployed their infantry in the centre with two wings of Knights.

The French advance commenced and soon the English longbowmen were coming into play, however the shooting by the English was very poor and targeting the French Knights a lot of saves were made.

Better shooting wiped out a unit of French Crossbowmen and the first casualties of the game were marked down.

Soon the lines were very close and the French Knights charged again and again into the English deployed behind their stakes, but to little effect. However a breakthrough came and one of the English generals fell soon followed by a unit of Longbowmen beneath the hooves of the Knights.

The English countered committing their Men at Arms and Billmen but this went worse for them than was expected and soon their right flank was demoralised and under pressure from the flower of French nobility.

On the English left the French Knights were still making heavy weather against the emplaced Longbowmen, but out of ammo and often disordered they eventually succumbed to the weight of the Knights and the ten Victory Medals were reached.

A great game and we are all keen to start working on some Medieval forces of our own.

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