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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Another Boardgames session

At the club this evening we had another board games session. Lee had suggested Zombiecide again after our great session on Saturday. This time Lee, Alex, Ian, Nicky, Steve and myself played the mission where we had to get the entire party off the table.

Ian and Nicky are veterans of the game so we found out loads that we were doing wrong last time!

It was touch and go, especially when we started spawning Zombies properly when we broke down the doors, but soon we were advancing through the towns, swinging baseball bats, katanas and machetes while other players let rip with the pistols, sawn off shot-guns and rifles.

Most of us took a wound for our endeavours, but eventually we exited the board, successful in our mission.

There was not time for another Zombiecide, but I had taken Machi Koro. We had played with Matt on Saturday, I had immediately ordered a copy from eBay and it had arrived yesterday.

There are only four sets of cards in the basic game, so while Lee cleared up Zombiecide I guided Nicky, Steve, Alex and Ian through the first game, giving advice on strategies as we went - I am a veteran of a whole five games now!

The players started developing their strategies, but Alex triumphed building his  city first.

Alex, Ian and Nicky left about 21:30 so Steve, Lee and myself settled down to another game, Steve was victorious this time. In both games, the players concentrated on the one-dice strategy which is good as if all players stick to that it is not so dominant, only really working against new players.

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