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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Friday 23 January 2015

Colonel Thaddeus P. Scrivener and XIth Brigade

A native of Chillico, Ohio from a family of foundry owners.

Following Graduation from West Point in 1852 Thaddeus P. Scrivener saw service with the Corps of Engineers surveying the un-chartered lands between Bismark and the Canadian border.

Upon the death of his father Resigning his commission in 1859, Thaddeus returned to Chillico to manage the family business, but when war was declared was appointed Colonel of the 14th Ohio Infantry who were mustering at Toledo, Ohio in April .

As the senior officer in XI Brigade Scrivener became the defacto commander and the brigade was acting as an independent command in the western theatre.

XI Brigade comprises the following units:
  • 14th Ohio Infantry
  • 8th Ohio Infantry
  • 3rd West Virginia Infantry
  • 1st West Virginia Cavalry
  • 12 Battery Ohio Light Artillery

In terms of Longstreet Thaddeus P. Scrivener drew the Boigraphy card "The Scout" this allows him to avoid the effects of the "Poor Surveying" card and to allow one unit of foot to fire out to 8BW as skirmishers.

14th Ohio InfantryInfantryEagerRecruits10
8th Ohio InfantryInfantryEagerRecruits10
3rd West Virginia InfantryInfantryEagerRecruits10
1st West Virginia CavalryCavalryEagerRecruits8
12 Battery Ohio Light ArtilleryArtillery32 6pdr, 1 Howitzer

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