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Sunday, 11 January 2015

For Sale: WWII British Infantry Platoon


I'm a man with nine 28mmWWII British Infantry platoons and that really is far too many. So, I am selling my 'Normandy' infantry platoon along with it's supports.

I need the space for my new WWI Verdun project.

All the figures painted by myself and are mainly Warlord Games plastics with a few Black Tree Designs figures added along the way. You can see the original painting articles here, here, here and here.

Some of the figures have never been gamed with since being painted!

The force comprises:

Six officers and senior NCO's

First squad of NCO, eight Riflemen and a BREN gun.

Second squad of NCO, eight Riflemen and a BREN gun.

Third squad of NCO, eight Riflemen and a BREN gun.

Platoon support of a 2" Mortar team and a PIAT team

A 3" mortar team.

A mechanised squad of NCO, six Riflemen and a BREN gun.

An additional PIAT team and a Sniper

A Medic, two Orderlies and a stretcher case.

 Five casualty markers to denote pinned units etc.

Here are some close-ups:


 BREN Gunner

PIAT Gunner


 M3 half-track

M3 half track



Another shot of the entire collection

So that is 63 figures plus a half-track, I'm looking at £225.00 for the lot.

Postage will be at cost and I will ship internationally.

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