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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Another dozen Great War Germans

Another dozen Germans have been added to the Infantry Platoon. This time quite a few in Gas Masks and some from the very characterful 'Trench Raiders' pack that James was kind enough to purchase for my birthday. I have also added my first MG08/15 light machine-gun team to the force.

I'm happily up to 36 figures now, another week or so and I reckon I'll have enough for my first game. Today at Vapnartak I purchased a few vac-formed WWI trench sections and shell craters, hopefully I'll get those done over the next few days to give us something to play on.

Here are a few close-ups. I really like this trench raider in his almost medieval armour. I have tried to paint it quite rusty, with just metallic bits at points of wear. He is armed with a Luger and a sharpened shovel, tasty in a ruck!

Now we have one of the NCO's who will be leading one of the rifle sections, advancing along a muddy puddle with some broken barbed wire.

My first MG08/15 light machine-gun team. I have decided to mount these in pairs.

Another trench-raider, in a natty balaclava. This one is festooned with grenades and armed with a broom-handled Mauser.

A trench-raider with grenades and a nasty looking dagger.

A rifleman in gas-mask

A trench-raider with bags of grenades and wire-cutters.

If you are interested in the painting instructions; I posted them here.

Not sure why the pictures got lighter after I changed the batteries in my camera.