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Monday 2 February 2015

A day out at Vapnartak 2015

We only decided to go last Saturday, I had originally offered to put on a Spanish Civil War game, but did not get a response from them, so did not think we would be going.

However, yesterday morning, after a Subway breakfast, Victoria and I set off in the 'Flying Satsuma', first picking up Martin from Mansfield and then Steve from Blidworth. We were soon on the A1 up to York Racecourse and at the venue just after opening at 10:00

Knowing that we do shows at a different pace and we would be meeting and greeting many other gamers we pretty much split up as soon as we got through the door. Practically the first face I saw was Jim Sweeny. After a few minutes chat and a browse of a couple of stall, I again bumped into Jim, this time with his partners in enterprise Craig and Pete, another chat ensued.

I browsed a few more stores before going over to the Curteys Miniatures game where chums Trev and John were playing a fantastic looking Twilight of Brittania game using Dux Brittanium.

Time for my first purchase of the day, a pack of Renedra bases from Gripping Beast and a good chat with Andy the proprietor. We had pretty much seen everything on the first floor now, so it was up to the first floor. A quick scoot around the tabletop sale and I picked up another pack of Renedra bases - for a whole pound! Time for a more impressive spend so it was over to Great Escape Games to see Mark and Stuart and pick up a couple of the fantastic 'A Fistful of Baggage' blisters. These are a great collection of bundles, crates, etc. and I plan to use them on my upcoming WWI game. As an impulse buy I also picked up a set of sprue-cutters.

I had a short chat with Pete at The Assault Group another one of my colleagues from about 30 years ago, and he's looking well.

We wandered the show some more and ended up on the top floor where the Malifaux and Warmachine tournaments were being played. Some lovely painted models and some unpainted shit on show, what you do in the privacy of your own games room is one thing but we don't want to see it in public.

Back on the ground floor I discovered some great vac-formed entrenchments and shell-holes from Early War Miniatures, I did not plan to buy anything like this, but for a spend of just over £30.00 I can do a quick paint job on these and be playing some WWI games while the major terrain project is under-way.

Now it was time for a cuppa, Victoria and I met back up with Steve and Martin in the bar while we looked at our purchases. A few folks came over to chat and finishing our teas it was time to dive back into the throng.

I bumped into James, Craig and Pete again near the great looking 3rd Afghan Wars game, Pete had picked up a copy of X-Wing and assured him he should but another straight away :)

Martin and I had decided to split a pack of the Renedra tents so I went back to Gripping Beast and purchased a Gripping Beast set. James M had not made the show so texted and asked me to pick up a couple of packs of magnetic discs from Coritani.

I had a chat with Richard Clarke in reception, hopefully we'll get a couple of games of CoC WWI and CoC SCW soon. Then it was over to the Warbases stand to pick up some movement trays to use for the SCW collection.

This is exhausting, Victoria and I headed back to the bar to meet Martin, Steve was in a pre-arranged meeting with his Gentlemen Gamers. This time I forewent the cup of tea and had a pint of lager, I was ready for it. As we had not eaten since breakfast we met up with Steve and decided to go back to the ground floor cafe for a bite to eat and were joined by Andy from Warlord Games.

We'd pretty much seen everything now and were about to leave when another text was received and I went over to Minibits to get him some gloss varnish, I also picked up another tub of pumice gel while I was there.

Back in the car, dropped of Steve and Martin and home by 16:30.

Here is my loot! Total spend, about £80.00

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