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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Finished off those Germans

It's not been too hard a slog and after a great painting session at the weekend when I did 20 more figures it was a matter yesterday evening of dry-brushing a few bases and taking some photographs before Victoria and I went out to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary with a lovely curry.

This last twenty is quite a mix, there are another half dozen infantrymen, a captured Lewis Gun, a MG/08 machine-gun, a Granatenwerfer, an Anti-tank rifle and some casualties.

All figures are from the Great War Miniatures range supplied by Northstar and were painted using my standard method. All the colours and techniques can be found here.

So, here are some group shots, firstly the infantrymen with a captured Lewis gun team, I cannot use all these MG08/15 and Lewis light machine-guns for our Verdun games, but they will be fine when playing later WWI games.

Next, some heavy fire support in the form of a MG/08 machine-gun team

More heavy support with a M1916 Granatenwerfer and an anti-tank rifle, again suitable for later war games

A medic, walking wounded and some casualties. I moved the light source to overhead when photographing these hence the different saturation.

 Here are some close-ups of the latest lot:


Walking wounded
Medic and casualty

Lewis gun team
 This means that I now have enough stuff to play Chain of Command with and James has completed his French We plan to have our first game next Thursday, hopefully a report will be up soon.

So, now that they are all done, here are the various elements of the platoon:


First Rifle Gruppe

First Machine-gun Gruppe

Second Rifle Gruppe

Second Machine-gun Gruppe

Flame-thrower, MG/08 Machine-gun, Granatenwerfer and Anti-tank rifle

Medic and casualties

Additional leaders, trench raiders and spare figures to use as crews.