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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

War of the Spanish Succession Dutch(9)

The final part of the WSS collection to get some attention this week was the Dutch, and as they are already quite extensive it's been more a matter of finishing a few things off.

In the recent order from Baccus I got enough mounted and dismounted dragoons to finish off the fourth troops of the Van Schlippenberg Dragoon Regiment.

The Dutch artillery train also gets a boost with the addition of a pair of light guns along with a limbered heavy gun that can be used as part of the baggage train if desired. It's accompanied by a couple of train guard.

The Dutch also had another command stand painted, I was rather light on generals for all the units that are now part of this contingent.

Finally a couple more pieces for the baggage train, another wagon and a herd of brown and white Herefords to add to the Belted Galways and Holstein I already have in this collection. I still have about 18 of these left, we used to use sheep as disorder markers in our 28mm Napoleonic games, maybe cattle are more appropriate at 6mm.

On the painting table at the moment more WSS cavalry and some 28mm WWII British SAS.

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