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Saturday, 7 July 2018

War of the Spanish Succession Bavarian and French(2)

An extra blog update this week with more French and Bavarian troops joining the collection.

Two more squadrons of French Chevau-légers bring the total up to 16 squadrons, probably enough for now. As usual for the Chevau-légers, grey coats with red turn-backs with not much in the way of distinguishing marks that you could make out on a 6mm figure.

A battalion of Bavarian foot from the D’Ocfort Regiment, looking very similar to the Spelbergs that I painted earlier in the week, quite like the blue on blue with grey leggings and there is something rather endearing about the Bavarian standards.

Last update for today is a collection of casualty markers representing one, two or three casualties on a unit.

As usual, all the figures are from Baccus.

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