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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Manassas Tour

Following on from the visit to Gettysburg and Historicon we headed south crossing into Virginia for an overnight in Manassas.

Arriving in town on a hot, humid Sunday in mid-July you got a feeling what the similar conditions were like for the battle. Not wanting to over-exert we decided to take a shorter circuit just along Henry House Hill crossing over to the Robinson house and back to the visitors centre. 

Limber on Henry Hill

Limbers on Henry Hill

Artillery on Henry Hill

The 'new' Henry House
Being a wargamer I wanted to take some photos of the fencing, so here is a collection.

More fencing, the Stanley House in the background

Fencing with 5ft 8in nerd added for scale purposes

Looking from the south west towards Henry Hill from near the site of the Robinson Farm

Guns mark the Confederate lines opposite Henry Hill

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