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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Maqueda 36 at Historicon

Ed, the team from Chitown Wargamers and myself ran a Spanish Civil War game at the recent Historicon event.

The action was loosely based around the Republican rear-guard actions around important road junction in the the town of Maqeda in September 1936 following the unsuccessful Republican attacks on Talavera.

Liam and Chris sort out the platoons ready for action

The Nationalist forces would comprise of five platoons, two of Falange, one of La Legion and one of Regulares - all from my collection, and one of Carlists from Phils collection. 

The Republican forces were a platoon of Steel Legion from Eds collection, a platoon of Militia from Marks collection, then a platoon each of Guardia Civil and Steel Legion from my collection.

Ed adds some flock to the table.

I somewhat assisted Ed with the setting up of the table, the terrain was all from his and my own collections. The outskirts of the town were surrounded by woodlands and orchards, with a small stream.

I would corral the Republican team while Phil would assist the Nationalists while Mark and Ed kept things moving along. 

The town quietly awaits the combatants.

The players arrive
La Legion deploy in the orchards

Guardia Civil man the barricades in the face of La Legion advancing through the orchards.

Regulares deploy on the opposite flank

A Steel Legion section provides fire support from the flanks
Phil's rather lovely Carlists deploy in support

Regulares and Carlists approach from the other edge of the town where the Steel Legion are dug in.

Things are going rather well for the Republic at this stage.

La Legion attempt to press on through the orchard in the face of stiff resistance from the Guardia and flanking fire from the Steel Legion Maxim machine-gun

La Legion and Carlists force the Steel Legion back at bayonet point. 

Richard Clark stops by for a chat, great to see a friendly face from back home.
The action hots up

Moving through the demoralised Regulares the Carlists take the outskirts recently held by the Steel Legion

Another section of Steel Legion are deployed, but it's too late, their morale is shattered and the Republican defences are abandoned.

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