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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018 Retrospective- The ongoing war against the lead mountain

As ever I like to start the year with a review of what I got posted last year and make a personal judgement if the war against the lead (and plastic) mountain is being won or if I've suffered another setback.

2018 has been a productive year on the existing 28mm American Civil War and 6mm War of the Spanish Succession projects both having many more troops painted and added to the collection. The former were really spurred on by visits to the Gettysburg and Bull Run battlefields in July. These battlefield visits also inspired me on quite a lot of terrain building for fences, fields, etc. based upon areas of the battlefields.

A small impact was made on the El Cid collection with four Jinetes I had base coated for a long time finally getting highlighted and based. Likewise an order with Brigade Games saw another 15 Poilu added to the WWI French - although 9 unpainted ones  from the order of the 24 have been added to the lead mountain!

The first new project kicked off in 2018 was a foray into the world of Maximillian 1934 which saw some of my existing Jalopies being painted plus a few new ones added, there are a couple of crewmen outstanding in the painting pile, but pretty much a lead mountain neutral event.

Agincourt Day, 25th October saw a big reduction in the plastic mountain with me finally getting on with the Hundred Years War project. Within a month I had painted 72 English long-bowmen and men at arms that had languished in the pile of shame for the past couple of years and the project continues apace with an order for mounted men-at arms from the UK and more infantry as Christmas presents that I am taking a short break from painting to write this post.

December saw me signing up to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and it has been a great inspiration to crack on painting some stuff, including many of those individual characters that you pick up. December also saw quite a few figures painted under the 'gift of paint' that helps me get more stuff done.

So, for 2018 I got the following painted for myself:

  • In 28mm 
    • 90 Perry Miniatures Confederate infantry. 
    • 44 Perry Miniatures Union infantry. 
    • 6 Perry Miniatures Confederate artillerists. 
    • 1 Perry Miniatures 10lb Parrot. 
    • 12 Perry Miniatures Union artillerists. 
    • 3 Perry Miniatures 3" Rifles. 
    • 12 Perry Miniatures Confederate artillerists. 
    • 3 Perry Miniatures 12lb Napoleon. 
    • Perry Miniatures Howitzer. 
    • 10 Perry Miniatures Confederate horse. 
    • 8 Perry Miniatures Union horse. 
    • 3 Perry Miniatures Union generals. 
    • 3 Perry Miniatures Confederate generals. 
    • 5 Brigade Games Old West Characters. 
    • 4 Gripping Beast Andalusian Jinetes.
    • 1 Wargames Foundry Union Zouave. 
    • 15 Brigade Games Poilu 
    • 1 Partizan WWI Pilot 
    • 1 Warbases Badger. 
    • 2 1st Corps speedsters 
    • 1 Eureka Miniatures Tribekka 
    • 1 Eureka Miniatures Roadster 
    • 1 Eureka Miniatures Flyer 
    • 1 Eureka Miniatures Motorcycle 
    • Warbases turnip cart. 
    • Warbases water cart. 
    • 2 Warbases draft horses. 
    • 9 Warbases chickens. 
    • 1 Warbases donkey. 
    • Warbases chicken coop. 
    • Warbases privy. 
    • 72 Perry Miniatures 100YW English foot 
    • 12 Perry Miniatures 100YW French cavalry 
    • 4 Warbases geese 
    • Warbases ammunition cart 
    • Warbases peasants cart 
    • Partizan Dulce est decorum... 
    • Partizan Mary Seacole 
    • Crisis Medieval Princess 
    • 3 Warbases pheasants
  • In 6mm 
    • 18 English horse. 
    • 36 French horse. 
    • 18 French dragoons. 
    • 18 French dismounted dragoons. 
    • 18 Scottish dragoons. 
    • 18 Scottish dismounted dragoons. 
    • 96 Dutch foot. 
    • 72 French foot. 
    • 144 Bavarian foot. 
    • 2 French guns 
    • 8 pioneers. 
    • 21 casualties. 
    • 18 sheep.

Rather a good effort, with 249 foot and 40 mounted painted - both improvements on last years totals - along with  7 guns, 5 cars, 1 motorcycle, 4 carts, 4 draft horses, 9 chickens, 1 donkey, 1 badger, 4 geese, 3 pheasants, 1 privy and a 1 chicken coop.

Not as much 6mm painted as last year though; 90 mounted, 382 foot, 2 guns, 18 sheep, 15 horses

The terrain collection gained quite a bit, mainly fields and fences for our ACW games.

However in the other column the following was added to the lead (and plastic mountain): 260 foot, 15 mounted, 3 cars, 1 motorcycle, 6 cannon Plus, my very generous family and friends who added:
 80 foot, 6 mounted, 1 limber, 6 horses, 5 riders, 1 badger, 4 geese, 3 pheasants, 3 carts.

So, technically going backwards again.

I did a few figures for other people this year, with:

  • 10 WWII airborne/special forces/resistance fighters for Tony 
  • 5 ACW gunners for Drew 
  • 5 ACW gunners for Seth 
  • Austrian 3-pdr and 4 crew for Bruce 
  • 3 Battletech Mechs for Drew

As ever, I must work harder on that lead pile!

I wish all my readers a very prosperous 2019 and a productive time on their own lead mountains!

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