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Sunday, 13 January 2019

Hundred Years War: French (4)

This week I have been continuing apace with the Hundred Years War project and another 24 foot have joined the French contingent. As previously all are from the Perry Miniatures range of plastics, mainly the Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29 set, but quite a few mash-ups using components from the English Army 1415-1429 set.

You can find the Analogue Hobbies entry for these here.

The first unit to show is a group of six men at arms, I've tried to apply a bit of heraldry on these and some is done with standard brush work but other ones done using a technical pen, the first time I tried this out.

A second group of six men at arms completes the 'heavy' component, again mash-ups using components from both the French and English sets.

Again I had some more attempts at heraldry and quite like what I did with Phillippe, Comte de Nevers, front and center with the cut off lance, although the fleur de lys could likely use another highlight.

The third unit completed over the weekend is a group of well-equipped infantry in the green livery of the Comte de Nevers as shown in the leaflet that comes in the Perry Miniatures box.

Many of these are mash-ups with bodies from the English set, typically the bodies in the French set have mail coifs while those in the English set have a cloth cowl. I think it gives a bit of variety into the mix. I've made some heavier armoured English long-bowmen that I hope to have done for next weeks update.

Here are a few close-ups of some of the figures, maybe a little out of focus.....

This is one of the infantry bodies off of the standard French frame, he is heavily armoured with at least partial plate so was re-purposed as a man at arms, the heraldry is for nobody in particular.

Another man at arms made entirely from components off of the French men at arms sprue. This was my first go at doing livery with a technical pen, certainly a lot easier than using a brush.

This man at arms is again from the French sprue, and is depicted in a long-sleeved half coat. The French men at arms sprue is a lot more 'dressed' than the English sprue.

The last man at arms here is Phillippe, Comte de Nevers I wanted to show my attempt at his heraldry, this was done using a brush, although a yellow technical pen would have been useful. It could probably use another highlight with the yellow.

View of one of the sergeants with axes.

A very heavily armoured sergeant with axe.

Another sergeant with axe, are you bored yet?

The last man at arms is made using a body and head from the English sprue and arms from the French sprue. He has the cross of St. Denis field sign.

This week the Perry's have released some mounted Agincourt men at arms and I have a box on order, plus spare horses to make up another six. I'm looking forwards to getting my hands on those.

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