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Copyright © 2019, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Hundred Years War: French (3)

Over the New Year break I've been working on some French infantry for the Hundred Years War project that shall hopefully feature heavily in my challenge entries.

All the figures are from a Perry Miniatures Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29 set that my mother in law bought me for Christmas. This was my first box of this set and I have already picked up another from my local game store about half of which are built already! 

Of those I am currently building I have done some mash-ups with the 'English Army' box to make veteran English longbows.

The first unit is a dozen crossbow-men in a blue and white livery that I have tried to vary through the unit. Several are sporting the cross of St. Denis, a typical French field sign during the era, much like the English use of the cross of St. George.

Like the earlier mounted men at arms, the figures are individually based then mounted six to a tray in the custom trays that I ordered from Warbases  meaning I can use them as single figures for Warhammer Ancients, Lion Rampant etc. or as units for Hail Caesar or To The Strongest!

The second unit is a dozen spearmen in a burgundy and black livery scheme, again, I've tried to vary the application of the livery through the unit. These are a mixed bag of fellows, some are very well armed and armoured while some appear to have been given an helmet and a pointy stick and shoved in the direction of the English.

A few close-up shots of some individuals showing some of the great variety that can be created.

The entry on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge can be found here.

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