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Monday, 12 March 2012

Age of Arthur Day - Event Pack

Welcome to the Age of Arthur Campaign Day
We are pleased to welcome you to a one day WAB 2.0 Campaign day at Maelstrom Games on Sunday 1st April 2012. The cost of the day is £12.00 and includes a buffet lunch, breakfast is not included, but is available from Maelstrom Games.
Over the course of the day you will play three games, and if time allows a fourth game. Dependent on the results of the game you will either gain or lose territories. In addition to the territories gained or lost, your player will also compete for fame and honour. The winners of the campaign will be the players who control the most territories, as a side event, the player who’s general picks up the most fame and honour will be declared as the source of the Legend of Arthur.
If you are staying over on the Saturday night, please let me know and we can arrange to go out for a curry.

Your Army
Players will pick a 1500 point list from the Age of Arthur supplement. In addition to this list, players also purchase an addition 250 point contingent, the contingent can be made up of troops available from your standard list or can be an allied contingent usually available to your force. You cannot purchase a comitatus unit (Teulu, Gedricht, etc.) in your bonus force, but you can spend up to 100 of your available 250 points on characters. This bonus force is not required for every game.
Irish Players: Chariots were not used on the British mainland, only in Ireland. You can pick two lists, one with chariots and one without. You may only use your chariot list if playing against other Irish armies, or armies with territories in Ireland. Your bonus force may not include any chariots.

Army List Submission
Please submit your lists by Thursday 29th March 2012 to

During the day you will play in a mixture of singles and doubles game. If you would like to forge an alliance with any specific player for the event, please let me know and I’ll accommodate you. Else, you will be associated with an ally commensurate with your location and situation on the campaign map.
Depending on your game result you will lose or gain up to two of your territories.

Special Rules for the Campaign Day
With the release of WAB 2.0, units that are fleeing may not use the leadership of any character in the unit. Having spoken with James Morris, the author of the Age of Arthur, this is not intended and the leadership of any character in the unit may be used.
Light infantry who start the game deployed in skirmish formation may elect not to field a standard bearer, replace the model with a normal trooper.

Maelstrom Games
The event will be held at Maelstrom games in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
Maelstrom Games, Matlock Hill, Hamilton Way, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 5BU.
Please arrive for 09:00 so we can get an early start.

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