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Saturday, 17 March 2012

For Sale: 28mm Landsknechts


I've decided that having not been out of the box for at least these past five years I am going to sell my Landsknechts off at mates rates of £2.50 per figure. There are 138 figures so that would be £345.00 for the lot plus postage, which will be at cost.

There are:

two units of 32 Landsknecht Pikemen
one unit of 32 Landsknechts Doppleswordsmen
one unit of 11 and two units of 10 Landsknecht Arquebusiers
one unit of 11 Landsknecht Crossbowmen

Group shot

First Pike unit

Second Pike unit



As it is free listing on eBay this weekend, I'll post these on there at £3.00 per figure (£414.00 for the lot) tomorrow evening if I don't get any offers from this.

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  1. Wow - these look great. You know I've recently delved into this period (well WHFB Empire), so these are a great alternative to GW stuff (price wise). Best, Dean