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Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Club Night - Black Powder Napoleonic battle between French and British - the rematch

Smarting from his defeat last week, Adie was keen to get in a re-match so we arranged to fight again this evening at Maelstrom Games.

I would be using the same list as last time, Adie was using a revised list as Daz had wanted to borrow some of his British for a game against Quint.

My list was:

  • Divisional Commander - CV7
  • Brigade Commander - CV8
  • 1 Line Infantry (elite 5+)
  • 4 Line Infantry
  • 1 Foot Battery
  • Brigade Commander - CV7
  • 3 Line Infantry
  • Brigade Commander - CV8
  • 1 Veteran Hussars (Reliable, +1 Attack)
  • 1 Dragoons
  • 1 Horse Battery
Adie used a British/Hanoverian list which this time was:
  • Divisional Commander - CV8
  • Brigade Commander - CV7
  • 2 Line Infantry
  • 1 Highland Infantry
  • 1 Foot Battery
  • Brigade Commander - CV7
  • 1 Light Infantry
  • 2 Line Infantry
  • 1 Foot Battery
  • Brigade Commander - CV7
  • 2 Hanoverian Landwehr (Unreliable)
  • Brigade Commander - CV7
  • 2 Dragoons

The initial Allied deployment
Adie won the first turn, but as he fluffed his first couple of orders elected to pass on the rest so they would not be unsupported. I countered by advancing my horse gun up to a hedge line before his troops, making an advance in the center and moving the troops on my left flank towards the center.

The French advance

Dragoons and Hussars support the left flank.
A few turns of desultory fire and failed charges ensued, I noted on the third turn that we had not had any casualties yet, on turn four it started to change.

Adies troops advanced to close range of mine on his fourth turn, he disordered my horse battery that was defending the hedge line and inflicted a few casualties on my infantry in the center.

I countered by charging one of his units with my Dragoons, they were forced into square and then battered by artillery and infantry in line.

Poor British square
Poor Adie
Adie was soon back in the fight though, he launched his cavalry at mine, and in a reprise of last week exactly the same happened, by the end of his turn we both had a broken cavalry brigade. I must squeeze in another unit of Hussars to take advantage of these moments.

Union Brigade

French 6th Hussars & 2nd Dragoons
On my right, the brigade that had been coming up to support the rear of my center was moved back around the woods to engage a British brigade that was threatening my center.

An almighty fight ensued in the center, I got stuck into Adie, destroying his Highlanders. But, in a strange twist on last weeks game, the Hanoverians not only acted under orders but also when charged in the flank by a French battalion in column one of the Hanoverian Landwehr units also had the cheek to win the round of combat.

Hanoverian Landwehr to the fore
By the end of the game though we had both broken each others armies, indeed, all four of Adies were broken as were all three of mine. We did a tot-up of the losses and victory conditions and it was declared a 35.5 to 25 point win to the French.

Some more images from the game:

The British slowly advance
That is the square sorted, let's start on the rest of the Rosbifs
Mopping up
Next week at Maelstrom Games Quint and I are going to give I Ain't Been Shot Mum a go - it's his first game of it - and hopefully we can rope Steve Meth in for a game too.