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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Untidy desk

Grant has broadcast to the world that he has a lovely tidy desk. It seems to be a shrine to organisation.

I counter that with a photo of the 'skip' that I currently work in.

Although this weekend I have cleaned and assembled over 100 figures, have done the highlights on 5 DAK and the base-coat on 22 Tommies. Obviously no time to tidy up.


  1. Well, looks almost like my own table ;-)
    Only a genius can master the chaos!

  2. Well played Grimsby, well played :) You do paint at an obscenely awesome rate - your desert project is highly inspiring!

    I managed to finish a number of GHQ pieces this weekend; not much mess involved now that I am working in 6mm, of course.

  3. Also, loaded a pre-pic with some words and stuff.

  4. Replies
    1. Seems we both get our desk stuff at Ikea :)

  5. Excellennt contrast to Grants desk Scrivs. It does seem that you know where everything is though as you do pump out a lot of content!

  6. Nice one scrivs...looks like mine only tidier!